What does the Picparazzi Mobile Flipbook Studio require on site?

• A 3m x 3m area (for green screen applications, the ideal working area is about 3.2m x 3.5m, but 3m x 3m is workable)

• An electrical outlet

How many flipbooks can you make in an hour?

The yield, on average, can be anywhere between 45-65 flipbooks in an hour (standard 60-page flipbooks), depending on the speed and cooperation of the guests.

Can you customize the flipbook cover?

We can include photos, names, monograms, or any image you might have that you want us put on your custom flipbook cover.

Can you print multiple copies of the flipbooks?

We do our best to have as many flipbooks produced as fast as possible. We can generally produce a flipbook in under two minutes, and if time allows, we can make multiple copies of each video clip. However, during peak times when the line is long, we will prioritize accommodating each group to have a video session, and print one flipbook from that session. We invite the guests to come back when there's a downtime and we can gladly print out another copy for them.

Can I send you my own video clip for you to turn into a flipbook?

Sure! Make it short and sweet, about 4-10 seconds long. This is a perfect idea as a save-the-date, thank you, birth-announcement, company promotion, product launch souvenir, or almost anything you can think of!